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Let us beautify your world

In a world of abundant choice, it becomes challenging to discover rare, individual pieces of jewelry that embellish your everyday life and make you feel unique and beautiful. 


Four generations of jewelers and artistes have evolved to become trusted curators of a rare collection of fine jewelry items, made by independent Italian manufacturers.


The Aster Jewelry store in Vipiteno, Italy, was established in the 1950s and has since drawn discerning clients from all over the world. 


From generation to generation, curiosity has always been the driver of our lives; curious about newness, about product development and about the smallest details. 'The smaller the detail, the greater the value.' (Doug Johnson)


70 years on, the new generation of the Aster dynasty have joined forces to bring the bespoke Aster experience online. The youngest generation is offering years of experience from world class luxury retailers from Dubai, London, Paris and Milan.


Today more than ever, we celebrate our long history and embrace the future with the purpose to continue beautifying your world by bringing unique items closer to you, while honoring the craftmanship and trademark of Made in Italy.

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